What are the characteristics of the steel plate hoist more attention? Attention should also be paid to the maintenance of newly purchased steel plate pliers

Release time:2023-10-11source:Yuying Hoisting Machine

 We also know that steel tongs are used to lift heavy objects. What should we pay attention to when using steel plate pliers? Let's take a look!

  First, the classification of lifting fixtures.

  According to the different lifting methods used, the lifting pliers are divided into three types: horizontal lifting pliers, flip lifting pliers and vertical lifting pliers. These three types are divided into many types according to different workloads.

  Second, the role of steel plate lifting pliers.

  The steel plate hoist is mainly suitable for lifting steel plates. During the operation, open the jaws and firmly fix them on the lifting weight for lifting. The suitable steel plate hoist is easy to operate and can improve the work efficiency.

  In summary, what are the characteristics of "steel plate pliers" more noteworthy? "I hope you can have a more three-dimensional and objective understanding of the steel plate pliers, which will bring convenience to the use of steel plate pliers in the future."

  Some users say that there is no difference between newly bought steel plate lifters and new ones. Some users also said that the new steel plate lifters do not require maintenance. The steel plate hoist manufacturer reminds that such an idea is very wrong, and the newly purchased lifting equipment also needs to be careful.

  1. Clean the steel plate pliers regularly.

  For those who are industrious, regular maintenance is not a difficult issue. When cleaning, the moving parts of the steel fixture and the fixture parts should be treated to ensure cleanliness. If there are stains that cannot be cleaned or removed, we need to consider replacing the plate clamp.

  2, regular lubrication.

  The bolts and bearings of the rotating part of the steel plate hoist and the threaded part of the pressure nut should be lubricated with oil, and then the screw threads of the ball chuck and the clamping bolt should be wiped clean. If the operation is not clean, lubrication is extremely dangerous.

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