Monorail wagon unlocks new features for hand hoist

Release time:2023-10-12source:Yuying Hoisting Machine

        Hand hoist is a typical light and small lifting equipment, as we all know, hand hoist has excellent lifting ability, but want to let it display its "talent", but also need another condition, that is, a stable connection point, and the general hand hoist is connected and fixed on the I-beam, in addition to it has another mechanical equipment "interaction", It's a monorail.

        What is the function of the monorail? As we all know, the simple hand hoist can only carry out vertical lifting operations, which is certainly not enough for the lifting target that needs to carry out the range of transport, and this time the need for monorail car intervention, monorail car belongs to the lifting hoist equipment connector, its overall structure is based on the corresponding design of I-steel, so that I-steel can become its running track, At this point, another ability of the hand pull gourd is activated.

        We connect the hoist to the monorail and fix it on the monorail, and then rely on the monorail to run on the I-steel, so it successfully unlocked another ability, that is, the lateral transfer of the lifting target, and it is the "interaction" of the hoist and the monorail, so that the lifting and handling work becomes more convenient.

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