How to deal with and avoid unexpected situations during the use of lifting tongs

Release time:2023-10-11source:Yuying Hoisting Machine

  No matter what things in the use of the process will have unexpected conditions, lifting pliers are no exception. Many customers say that sometimes the lifting pliers are working, and suddenly they don't work, which affects the progress of the entire work, so how to deal with similar emergencies? Liga Rigging has listed some tips to teach you how to deal with and avoid these emergencies.

  1. If the spinning lock is not flexible or not in place, resulting in the lifting pliers not working, the adjustment nut should be checked.

  2. If the indicating paint on the indicator plate of the lifting pliers falls off during use. Once found, it is necessary to fill the paint of the original indicating mark in time.

  3, for the increase of steel wire rope friction on the lifting pliers resulting in a decrease in the working efficiency of the lifting pliers, should be timely cleaned and coated with lubricating oil or grease, especially the bend of the steel wire rope.

  4, for the main stress components, rings, twistlocks, ear plates and rigging shackles, under normal use conditions, should be checked once every 3 months, no cracks and serious deformation.

  5, all oil cups, including ratchet mechanism oil cups, oil cups on the sliding bearing seat and oil cups of the spinner lock box, the main active connection should be filled with oil according to the use of the situation.

  6, often check whether the rope card is loose, whether the buffer spring is overstretched, and deal with the problem in time.

  7, each kind of lifting pliers shall not exceed the rated weight, the buffer spring shall not be overstretched.

  8, the lifting process should be smoothly lifted to avoid deformation due to the impact of the lifting pliers and the crane.

  When an emergency occurs during the use of the lifting pliers, do not panic, calmly respond, find out the cause of the failure to repair and restore normal work. Of course, the key is to prevent problems before they happen, and do a good job of regular inspection and daily maintenance of the lifting pliers, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of emergencies

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