Special treatment of shackle screw holes

Release time:2023-10-12source:Yuying Hoisting Machine

        If only through the shape structure to observe, whether it is D shackle or bow shackle, it belongs to a symmetrical structure, but if we pay attention to some of its details, you will find that the shackle is not symmetrical, its different processing mainly occurs in the screw hole part, the following crown flight belt for everyone to understand.

        The two holes of the shackle are not all threaded, and there is only one threaded hole, that is, the screw hole for the crossbolt engagement lock, which means that the installation of the crossbolt is oriented, which requires special attention. The correct crossing method is that the bolt first passes through the hole without a thread, and then enters the hole with a thread. This seals the opening of the shackle. If it is installed in reverse, it will not have any sealing effect.

        This is the details of the shackle processing, but also to ensure the normal use of the key to the shackle, if you want to know more about the details of the processing process, then you can pay attention to the official website of the crown Airlines, we can answer you at any time.

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