Focus: Yu Ying lifting machinery development concept

Release time:2023-10-12source:Yuying Hoisting Machine

        Over the years, based on the field of light and small lifting equipment, the main products are hand hoist, hand hoist, electric hoist, screw jack, lifting machine and other equipment, Guanhang machinery believes that the business development of enterprises to focus on.

        For ourselves, only in the field of light and small lifting equipment to do well, in order to achieve more long-term development. For the market, enterprises that focus on research and development and competition in a certain field can let customers or buyers believe that it is professional, has the strength to deal with various competitions and challenges, and can stand the test of the market. If enterprises want to get long-term development, they must concentrate resources and innovate constantly, otherwise it is easy to lead to the dispersion and waste of resources, which is not worth the loss for enterprises.

        We always adhere to the development of light and small lifting equipment production research and development and sales combined with the road, the customer needs and product design combined, each link has poured its heart and focus.

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