A monorail is like pulling the legs of a gourd

Release time:2023-10-12source:Yuying Hoisting Machine

        Hand hoist is called fairy hoist, because it is a powerful, is an artifact, can be driven by manpower to lift several tons or even hundreds of tons of heavy objects to the height, but it also has a deficiency, that is, can not move the heavy objects in the parallel direction, and monorail driving can make up for this regret of hand hoist.

        The monorail car is suspended above the I-beam, screwed down, fixed, and then the upper hook of the overhand hoist is suspended below the lifting ring of the car, so that the hand hoist will be able to move in the horizontal direction after the heavy lifting to the height, so that to a certain extent, the car is the leg of the hand hoist, and we humans are the brain that controls their behavior.

        In the actual operation process, the hand hoist and monorail car are used together, and the types of lifting work that can be completed are: mechanical equipment disassembly and movement, coal mine material lifting and transportation. However, because they have many disadvantages such as requiring human control and poor lifting capacity compared with electric equipment, they are currently used in places with no power supply, space and narrow space.

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