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Product details

Product features:

1. Flexible lifting straps are suitable for circular lifting.

2. Flexible lifting straps have high strength, light weight, and are easy to use in narrow spaces.

3. Flexible lifting with multiple lifting methods, the lifting belt is evenly stressed and has a longer service life. It can also be used to drag suspended objects and can be equipped with wear-resistant and anti cutting protective sleeves.

4. Flexible lifting straps are not dangerous.

5. The flexible lifting belt is made of PES, with the inner bearing core surrounded by no J, forming a circular PES, and weaving a stress free shell to protect the bearing core.

6. The outer surface of the flexible lifting belt is smooth and will not damage smooth or vulnerable objects. Especially suitable for lifting rings.

7. The flexible lifting belt has a large load of 0.5-500 tons and an effective length of 0.5-80 meters, meeting the Chinese industry standard J551-200 tons.

8. The elastic elongation of flexible lifting belts is relatively small, which is 2% under working load and 1% under fracture load. The working temperature range is -40 ℃ -180 ℃.


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