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Product details

Lightweight, easy to use, without damaging the surface of the lifted object, with stable lifting, high safety and strength, bright colors to improve labor efficiency, cost saving, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, and a wide range of applications, used in ports and docks, chemical industry, steel, machinery, installation, and others.

Product Advantages

1. Soft and non injurious items, protecting workers' hands

2. Not damaging the surface of the suspended object

3. Stable and safe lifting

4. High strength and bright colors

5. Good corrosion resistance and wear resistance

6. Lightweight, easy to use, and large carrying capacity (lightweight, 20% of the weight of metal slings, easy to use)

7. Improve labor efficiency, save costs, and have a long service life

8. Clear extreme working force labeling and color coding, effectively improving safety performance


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