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Product details

The body of the vehicle mounted crane consists of five main parts: column, support frame, rotating arm, boom and winch, and other lifting accessories. Users can manually operate the joystick to rotate the lifting arm 360 degrees for loading and unloading work, and goods can be raised or lowered with the crane.

1. Lifting capacity: 500 kilograms, commonly used lifting capacity is 300 kilograms. (The lifting capacity can be customized, such as 8001000)

2. Boom height: adjustable, 1.1 meters small and 1.95 meters large

3. Lifting height: 3-20 meters

4. Boom length: The distance between the hook falling to the ground and the main pole is adjustable from 0.9 to 1.5 meters, and the 3-hole positioning pin eye is adjustable.

5. Power supply: 12V, 24V, 220V, 380V or manual winch optional.

6. Steel wire diameter: 5mm, length 4.5 meters.

7. The rocker arm can be closed, with a net height of 1.35 meters after closing.

8. Rotating arm method: manual rotation, capable of rotating 360 degrees.

9. Installation base size: 250mmX250mmX18mm

10. Total weight: 62kg

11. Braking form: Equipped with a diaphragm automatic braking system, ensuring load, lifting, suspension, and self-locking functions.


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