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Product details

● The permanent magnet suction cup adopts a permanent magnet lifting device A material: neodymium iron boron permanent magnetic material to form a strong magnetic system, with high density and strong magnetic force.

● [Safe operation] The permanent magnet operating handle is manually operated, with a designed limit pin and a security inclined block that automatically locks, preventing rebound and injury to people;

High safety factor: 3.5 times the pull-out force of the permanent magnet suction cup, with a safety factor higher than 2.5 times the international standard

● [Energy saving and durable] The permanent magnet suction cup does not require power supply and has strong suction force, no magnetic leakage phenomenon, and no maintenance is required during use, which is very energy-saving and has a long service life;

● [Multi functional and multi use] The bottom of the permanent magnet suction cup is equipped with a V-shaped groove, which can hold cylindrical objects, such as plate-shaped and magnetic conductive workpieces. It can be used in conjunction with multiple machines, making operation very convenient.


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