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    Mobile gantry is a lightweight lifting device that resembles a gantry and can move in all directions. The main beam of the mobile gantry crane is made of I-beam and other profiles, which not only bears the load but also serves as the lateral movement track of the crane. A universal load-bearing wheel is installed under the support legs of the gantry, which can move in all directions on a flat ground. The main beam and legs of the gantry crane are connected by high-strength bolts through a flange plate, which can be quickly disassembled and transferred to another site for installation and use with small cars. A weight of 500 to 5000KG can be lifted by electric or chain hoist. It can reduce manpower, achieve mechanization of lifting, reduce production and operation costs, and improve work efficiency. Not suitable for occasions such as mold manufacturing companies, mines, repair garages, construction sites, logistics companies, mechanical processing and manufacturing companies, warehouses, etc. that require lifting and lowering.

    The mobile gantry is suitable for the installation, transportation, and debugging of workshop equipment. Loading and unloading of goods by automobiles, and lifting of large engine components in automobile repair workshops. A universal load-bearing wheel is installed under the mobile gantry, which can move lifting objects on a flat ground. Lifting is mechanized through electric or manual cranes. It can reduce manpower, reduce production operations, and improve work efficiency. Simple gantry products need to be customized according to the customer's on-site conditions. The mobile small gantry crane hoist can be a chain hoist or an electric hoist, and the product has strong practicality.

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