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        TOYO Toyo chain hoist is a simple to use and portable manual lifting machinery suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, agricultural production, as well as docks, docks, warehouses, etc. It is used for installing machines, lifting goods, and loading and unloading vehicles, especially for outdoor and non power source operations. This series of chain hoists can be used in conjunction with various types of manual monorail cranes to form a manual lifting and transportation trolley, suitable for monorail overhead transportation or cantilever cranes.

        Features: Safe to use, easy to maintain, high mechanical efficiency, low hand pull, light self weight, easy to carry, beautiful appearance, small size, and durability. Professional supply: chain hoists, electric hoists, multifunctional hoists, car straps, chain hoists, suspension pulleys, tank trucks, jacks, shackles, outdoor cranes and other products.


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