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The hand-pulled monorail is driven by a bracelet and walks on the lower flange of the I-rail track, while the hand-pushed monorail walks by directly pushing the lifting weight by hand. The hoist is hung on the lower part of the truck to form a walking hoist, which can be installed on the straight or curved monorail overhead transport line or on the manual single beam bridge cantilever crane. It is suitable for equipment installation and cargo lifting in factories, mine docks, shipyards, warehouses, computer rooms and other places, especially in the equipment maintenance where there is no power supply.


1. Safe work and easy maintenance.

2. Compact structure, small installation size, roller rim spacing can be easily adjusted according to the width requirements.

3. The roller shaft is equipped with rolling bearings, and the pushing and pulling force is small.

4. The roller adopts a special wheel tread, which can travel on the plane track with an inclination of 1:6 or below.

5. The wheel is designed with a rim that is fixed on the bend with a smaller radius of curvature.


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