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        G80 lifting chains are welded to achieve the purpose of joining, so each chain has a welding interface. Will the welding interface of G80 lifting chains affect the use of the chain? Now let's introduce it to everyone.

        The welding interface of G80 lifting chain is a reflection of the manufacturing process and technology, so the condition of the welding interface of G80 lifting chain can reflect the quality of a chain and have a certain impact on its use.

        Generally, for chains produced by some large manufacturers, the production process is strictly controlled, and the quality of the product is guaranteed. Its welding joints are relatively round and smooth, so normal operation can be ensured during use, and the operation is more convenient and labor-saving.

        If the welding joint of the chain is rough and uneven, it will cause chain jamming during operation, increase the possibility of chain fracture, affect the normal use of the chain, and delay the completion of work progress.

        The quality of G80 lifting chains is directly related to the safety of operation. We should purchase high-quality chains and do a good job in chain maintenance to make G80 lifting chains play a significant role. Below, we will give you a detailed introduction.

In order to ensure the quality of G80 lifting chains, users should choose G80 lifting chains produced by legitimate manufacturers when purchasing. On the one hand, it can ensure that the chains are genuine, and on the other hand, the quality of the chains is guaranteed, with a high safety factor, which is conducive to safe operation.

        Furthermore, regular maintenance work should be carried out on the chain to maintain good performance, avoid cracks and wear, and enable the G80 lifting chain to play a load-bearing role, reducing the possibility of accidents.

Galvanized chains, with their beautiful appearance and the advantage of corrosion resistance, are quite popular in industries such as lifting. What are the requirements for storage environment for such a highly reused chain? Next, the editor will introduce the method of extending the service life of the Shenli G80 lifting chain.


1. Corrosion prevention principle: Zinc chains are actually coated with a layer of zinc on the surface of treated ordinary iron chains, and zinc is separated from a certain zinc carbonate film in the air to isolate iron and air.

2. Environmental requirements: Based on the above principles, storage is not a problem, but it is only suitable for intact zinc as a reactive metal, so it cannot be directly contacted in acidic environments.

The above is about the storage environment requirements for galvanized strips. We hope you can pay attention to it when storing it. If you have any other related questions, you can contact us by phone.



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