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Hydro-generator rotors are hoisted by hand hoist in hydropower station

Release time:2023-10-12source:Yuying Hoisting Machine

        The rotor is a rotating part of the hydrogenerator set, which is composed of the center body, rotor support, main vertical rib, auxiliary vertical rib, magnetic yoke and magnetic pole. The outer circle diameter of the rotor of the right bank unit of Baihetan Hydropower Station is about 16.5 meters, the maximum height is about 4.1 meters, the net weight is 2,295 tons, and the lifting weight is 2,440 tons, which is the core component with the largest weight in the installation process of the unit, and it is also the most difficult to lift. In order to ensure the smooth hoisting of the rotor, the staff made full preparations and further refined and standardized the work. Before the rotor lifting operation begins, workers use a number of Chenghua hand hoist to fix, which can maintain the stability of the equipment. The worker uses the hand hoist with the steel wire rope, the steel wire rope winds the rotor, the hook is hung on the hook under the hand hoist, the hand hoist is used to carry the fixed load, the hand hoist hook is hung on the fixed point above the suspension, so that the rotor remains stable. After doing all the preparatory work, the lifting operation began, and the rotor was smoothly, quickly and accurately positioned, and the lifting was successfully completed.

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