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Product details

Structural characteristics:

1. The power device consists of an electric motor, reducer, clutch, brake, rope barrel, and steel wire rope. The motor is a single-phase capacitive motor with a magnetic field, and is designed with a mechanism for braking upon power failure; The motor is also equipped with a thermal switch, and the reducer is a two-stage gear reducer that is fixedly connected to the motor; The brake and fly tube are integrated to achieve rapid descent,

2. The support part is composed of a main support rod and a cantilever suspension rod. The rotating arm can rotate 360 degrees on the main pole, and a travel switch is installed at the end of the arm to prevent lifting accidents caused by operational errors or button failure.

By operating the button starter to achieve positive and negative rotation of the motor, the steel wire rope can be wound and released, and the lifting operation can be completed by lifting and lowering objects through some pulleys on the bracket.


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