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Product details

        The multifunctional aluminum shell elevator is suitable for ground and air use, and is used for continuous vertical lifting of powder, block, and bulk materials in feed factories, grain depots, construction industries, ports and docks. It has a large conveying capacity, high lifting height, stable operation, rated lifting weights of 300-600kg and 500-1000kg, lifting height of 30m-100m, voltage of 220V and 380V, and power supply of single-phase and three-phase.


        Before installing the aluminum shell hoist, remove the tape wrapped around the steel wire rope before testing the machine. The installation position of the hoist depends on the work needs and must be installed on a specialized base and bracket. When used in conjunction with sports cars, the steel wire rope drum must be firmly level and do not place the machine in damp or acidic environments. When connecting to the power supply, it must be equipped with ground wire and leakage and overload protection devices.



*Slow 7/14MIN Fast 12/24MIN

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