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The VITAL type chain hoist has 8 main characteristics:

Gear: Japanese technology, innovative symmetrical arranged high-speed synchronous gear; International standard gear steel, double the wear resistance of ordinary hoists, smoother rotation, and lighter hand pull

Chain: Higher strength chain; The welding at the joint is fine and has undergone intermediate frequency induction quenching assistant, meeting the technical requirements of the ISO3007-1984 international standard chain; Adapt to sudden overweight operations; The hand zipper feels better; The ordinary gourd can only be pulled vertically downwards and can be pulled from multiple directions at a 45 ° angle, with a wider range of adaptability.

Hook: High strength and sufficient material hook, made of advanced alloy material, ensures that it does not break when working under external overload, but gradually deforms, with a higher safety factor; The new design at the hook head ensures that the goods do not unhook.

Limit switch: There are limit switch components on both the upper and lower parts to prevent the chain from exceeding and ensure safety.

Components: The main components are made of high-quality alloy steel, and strict dimensional and quality inspections are implemented to ensure the full performance of each component.

Body: Slim design, novel, elegant, and beautiful; Conforming to ergonomics, the body is lightweight, with a small working and activity interface, and can adapt to a wide range of environments.

Spray molding: Advanced spray molding processing technology, with plastic hanging on both the inside and outside, making the surface as brand new as ever after use.

Cover: Precision steel pressed cover, sturdy yet lightweight.

The 8 main characteristics of the VITALT type chain hoist make it high-performance, safe, and full of spirituality. It is ingenious and unique, allowing you to complete your work more easily and conveniently, greatly reducing your labor intensity.


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