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The HSH type chain hoist series mainly has tonnage of 0.75T-6T, 0.75T, 3T, 6T, etc. It has a reasonable design, advanced structure, high body strength, safe and reliable use, and convenient maintenance. Widely used in equipment installation, item lifting, machine traction, loose part bundling, line tensioning, and welding alignment in departments such as power, mining, shipbuilding, construction, transportation, postal and telecommunications, etc., its advantages are particularly evident in narrow workplaces, high-altitude outdoor operations, and various angles of traction.

The HSH type chain hoist is operated by manually pulling the handle, which can complete heavy lifting and equipment installation work. In addition to being used separately, it can also be used in conjunction with other lifting products such as monorail trolleys. This lever gourd not only has a reasonable structural design, high product performance and strength, but also has advantages such as safety, reliability, easy maintenance, and strong durability in use.

Advantages of HSH ring chain lever hoist:

With unique elastic clutch technology, it greatly improves the requirements for product use in height and can lift heavy objects at any height. The hand pull device has higher sensitivity and can easily pull the handle to complete the operation. The hook is manufactured by forging, especially at the tip of the hook, which has very strong toughness and only bends slowly even under severe impact.

  1. Safe, reliable, and durable. 2. Good performance and easy maintenance. 3. Small size, light weight, and easy to carry. 4. Low pulling force and high efficiency. 5. Advanced structure and beautiful appearance.


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