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Product details

1. Product performance characteristics

1.1 Horizontal hanging steel plate lifting pliers are made of low alloy high-strength structural steel and heat treated.

The transverse clamp test load is 2 times the ultimate working load, and the breaking load is 4 times the ultimate working load.

1.3 This horizontal clamp is only suitable for horizontal lifting of steel plates.

2. Usage and precautions

2.1 When the thickness of the lifting area exceeds the applicable range of the horizontal pliers, the horizontal pliers should be replaced and overloaded use is strictly prohibited.

2.2 In actual use, there should be a gap between the steel plate and the ground, and the size of the gap should be slightly greater than the thickness of the bottom of the lifting clamp. Manually move the tongue of the horizontal pliers to the large opening of * * *; Clamp the horizontal pliers onto the steel plate until one side of the steel plate contacts the inner surface of the horizontal pliers. Before lifting, it should be checked that the center of gravity of the steel plate should be located at the center of the polygon formed by two sets of lifting pliers. After lifting the steel plate, it should be horizontal. When the angle between the steel plate and the horizontal plane is greater than 7 °, the position of the transverse clamp should be readjusted. Pay special attention to the absence of a crossbeam. At this point, the angle between the steel plate and the horizontal plane should not exceed 5 °, otherwise it must be reinstalled.

2.3 Only one steel plate can be lifted at a time, and it is not allowed to lift two layers of steel plates at the same time or place other objects on the steel plate


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