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    Electric winches, also known as winches, are typically used to achieve manual or mechanical traction and drive through reels, which can handle heavy objects or loads vertically, horizontally, or obliquely. Electric winches have the characteristics of strong universality, compact structure, small size, light weight, large lifting capacity, and convenient movement.

    Electric winches are usually composed of the following components: couplings, brakes, gearboxes, reels, all of which are installed on the frame for material handling. The electric winch has good speed regulation, which can lift heavy loads to higher positions at a relatively fast speed and quickly lower the empty hook. For sensitive materials, the electric winch can operate at a relatively slow speed.


The working principle of the electric winch:

Usually, electrical energy is converted into mechanical power through an electric motor, and the rotor of the motor runs and produces output. The power is then transmitted through the brake, and the reducer reduces the speed of the rotating shaft. The reel wraps the steel wire rope and passes it through the pulley block to lift the load on the hook, and converts mechanical energy into mechanical work for material handling, such as transporting, loading, and unloading heavy objects.



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