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Product details

        The universal rotating hook is a type of rigging accessory used for lifting, suspending, and transporting heavy objects. Its main feature is the 360 degree rotation function, which can rotate freely in both horizontal and vertical directions and withstand loads. It also comes with an anti detachment safety tongue to achieve flexible object handling.

Product structure and principle:

        It consists of a main body, a rotation axis, and a connecting ring. The main body is equipped with a hook or other lifting device, which is connected to the connecting ring through a rotating joint. When an object is suspended on a hook, the rotation of the rotating joint allows the hook to rotate freely in both horizontal and vertical directions, thereby maximizing the efficiency and safety of object handling.

When using a universal rotating hook, the following points need to be noted:

        1. Choose the appropriate hook type and specification to ensure that it matches the size and weight of the required lifting object.

        2. Before hanging and moving heavy objects, the connecting parts, structure, and working status of the hook should be carefully checked, and the operation should be carried out in accordance with relevant specifications.

        During use, avoid rapid movement or sudden stop to avoid damage or accidents to the hook and lifting object.

        4. Regularly maintain and repair the universal rotating hook to maintain its good condition and extend its service life.



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