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The full name of the four column straight sliding crane is the four column straight sliding crane, also known as the four column crane, straight sliding crane, lifting crane, etc. It adopts a four column straight sliding telescopic track design and is a reinforced type of the three column straight sliding crane. It has good stability, high safety, and is convenient for goods to move horizontally on the slide, straight in and out. The boom can pop up a window with a large distance of 1.5 meters. The column height can be adjusted, and the installation height of the room is 2.6-3.2 meters.

Operation mode: The direct sliding crane is semi-automatic operation, which combines manual and electric operation. The single rope direct sliding crane is installed on a direct sliding track, relying on a clutch motor to control the lifting of goods, and a hand drawn sports car to control the entry and exit of goods.

Detailed drawing of indoor four column direct sliding crane:

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