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Product details

Product advantages:

1, with small size, light weight, reliable performance, easy operation, wide range of application, lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading work, maintenance equipment, lifting cargo is very convenient, it can also be installed in the suspended I-beam, curve track, cantilever lifting guide rail and fixed lifting point lifting heavy objects.

2, compared with the hand hoist, the fast chain hoist uses the motor to provide power, fast speed, more labor-saving; Compared with the chain electric hoist, the structure of the fast chain electric hoist is relatively simple, and the price is cheap;

3, this ring chain electric lifting machine has the characteristics of portability, versatility and efficient application.

4, DHK chain electric hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment, composed of motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket, lifting weight is generally 0.1~60t, lifting speed is 4-20 meters, and is widely used in various places such as docks, warehouses, factories, buildings and assembly lines, followed by the operator with buttons on the ground, can also be operated in the control room or wired, Wireless remote control. DHK chain electric hoist can be used for fixed suspension, and can be used with electric monorail trolley and hand-pushed/hand-pulled monorail trolley.

5, all products are produced in accordance with international standards, the body appearance is beautiful, strong and durable, the internal gear all through high temperature quenching, increase the wear resistance and toughness of the gear, the use of the most advanced international technology, fine workmanship, the gear fit tight, will not appear loose situation.

6, DHK type ring chain electric hoist brake is reliable, simple maintenance; Suspension installation, easy to operate.


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